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Your Position: Home > Product Center > SDT Series Three Phase Meter > SDT640 Small DIN Rail 3-Phase Power Analzyer(4P)

Product Description
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  • Feature
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> General
     SDT640 Small DIN rail power analyzer is designed special for energy management system (EMS). By its DIN rail installation, it is very suitable to be used with breakers, contactors. Besides electrical energies, it can measure all the parameters on the electrical networks, such as currents, voltages, active powers, reactive powers, apparent powers, frequency, power factors and 4 quadrant energies.
     We may connect it with current transformer(CT) or voltage transformer(PT). It has a 8 digits LCD display. By its front keys, you may easily check different display data or program its parameters. It has a RS485 interface to transfer the measuring data to other master devices, such as PLC, data center computers.
     SDT640 has good cost performance, as an intelligent unit and a digital electrical data collection unit, it has been widely used in many intelligent systems.
> Funcitons
- Measuring more than 30 parameters on AC 3-phase electrical network;
Ia,Ib,Ic,Ua,Ub,Uc,Uab,Ubc,Uca,F,Pa,Pb,Pc,P, Qa,Qb,Qc,Q,Sa, Sb,Sc,S, PFa,PFb, PFc, PF, +/-kWh & +/-kVarh
- Line: 2P3L (2x110V/220V);
    3P4L (3x120/220V, 3x220V/380V, 3x230V/400V);
    3P3L (3x380V)
- Input: 3x5A (Connect external CT); - With 8 digits LCD (0.00-99999999 kWh) and white backlight; keep kWh value without power;
- With kWh impulse output (comply DIN43864);
- With wiring error alarm, check error reason by alarm code;
- With 2 cables RS485 interfacer (Modbus-RTU protocol);
- 35mm standard DIN rail installation;
- With free testing software, you may easily read and SDT670 data and program its parameters by computer.
- Option: it can has a relay output (Capcity: AC250/3A,DC24/5A)
- Auxiliary power supply: AC/DC85-265V;
> Avantage
- Small Size, Suitable for small installastion space;
- With standard and simple ModBus-RTU protocol, easy to develop to make it with SCADA, PLC or HMI; - Working by auxiliary power supply, it can measure different kinds of AC voltage.
> Application
- Count the electricity fee for the shops in shopping mall;
- Monitor the main electrical machineS in factory;
- Monitor the state value in the building power distribution;
> Order Example
- Model: SDT640-SP
- Line: 3P4L
- Input: 3x220/380V,3x5A,50Hz
- Output:RS485 interface Modbus-RTU
Type Feature
SDT640 3-Phase Power Analzyer
* measuring more than 30 parameters on AC 3-phase electrical network;
Ia,Ib,Ic,Ua,Ub,Uc,Uab,Ubc,Uca,F,Pa,Pb,Pc,P, Qa,Qb,Qc,Q,Sa, Sb,Sc,S, PFa,PFb, PFc, PF, +/-kWh & +/-kVarh
* CT and PT ratio can be programmed.
Technical Feature Parameters
Input Wiring 2P3L, 3P3L, 3P4L
Voltage 2x110V/220V,
3x120/220V, 3x220V/380V, 3x230V/400V,
Rating: 0.9 ~ 1.1Un; maximal: 0.7 ~ 1.2Un
Consumption ≤5VA / line
Current 3x5A (Connect external CT)
Minimal current 20mA
Consumption ≤4VA / line
Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Precision 0.2%(U,I); 0.5% (F: 0.05Hz, kVarh: 1%)
Thermal drift < 200ppm
Wiring 2 cables RS485
Baud rate 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400bps
Parity n81,n82,e81,o81
Protocol Modbus-RTU
Energy Impulse kWh impulse (open-collector)
VCC<48V, Iz<50mA
Constant: 10imp/kWh
Width of pulse: 80ms±20ms
Auxiliary power supply AC/DC85-265V
Relay Ouput (Option) Capcity: AC250/3A,DC24/5A
Installation Standard 35mm DIN rail
Standard EN61036; EN50022
Isolation 2kVAC/min ( input / output / power supply)
input / housing and output / housing >50Mohm
Environment Work Temperature: -20C ~ +55C
Storage Temperature: -40C ~ +70C
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)
Altitude: < 2500m
Dimension: 72×87×59 (mm)
Weight: 175g
> 外形尺寸
> 接线方式
> Technical Sheet
Sdt640_Tech.pdf Download...
> Testing Software
Sdt640_Test.exe (Same as SDT670's) Download...
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